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#45 : Dribble 7". Listen to 'High Street Girl' here.

#44 : Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Jon Roffe (
philosopher), HTRK, Constant Mongrel, Loke Rahbek, Ray Brassier (philosopher) and Jock Club.

#43 : Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Lakes, Puce Mary, Oily Boys, Low Life, Vanessa Amara, Lucy Cliche, Prolife and author S.T. Lore.

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Friday, April 18, 2014


“We are nothing without one another, yet between us is pure abyss” – Paul Valery

Interviews and conversations:

DRIBBLE/GUTTER GODS: “When you go that far with psychedelics, you find that your ego could be this protective mechanism to ensure we stay conscious.”

JON ROFFE: “The problem is that thinking itself has a kind of affinity with death. There are no intrinsic limits to it.”

HTRK: “I have got that at the forefront when I am writing; I am trying to give young girls another option of realism.”


JOCK CLUB: “Playing this kind of music is about paying attention to the history of the music, but at the same time paving new ground for it to prosper.”

LOKE RAHBEK: “If this is what the future is going to be like, it’s really not that bad.”

RAY BRASSIER: “The percentage of material published on philosophy blogs that would stand up to serious critical scrutiny is, at best, minuscule, so the claim made by SR’s online enthusiasts that blogs are “revolutionizing” philosophy is more than a little silly.”

Cover design by James Vinciguerra, also features art and photography by Zephyr Pavey, Loke Rahbek, Ray Brassier, Matthew Bellosi and Ruby Ray.

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